Understanding social media and how to harness it for business growth.

Love it or hate it, businesses need to master social media to stay ahead of the curve (and the competition). Yet getting to grips with these channels isn’t as straightforward as its sounds.

Although being on social media isn’t everything, it can bring unique benefits to your business, if you do it right. Six in ten businesses still don’t use social media to promote their products or services, so if you’re wondering how to get started on these channels and what benefits they can bring, you’re not alone.

What business benefits can social media bring?

There are now 4.2 billion active social media users across the globe. So, if nothing else, social media can help you to reach more customers than any flyer or email ever could.

However, what the world’s hottest brands have discovered is that, when you do it right, social media can offer many more benefits to your business than just generating revenue.

Increase brand visibility

Some say that if you don’t have an Instagram account then you don’t exist, and to some potential customers, this might be the case. Social media isn’t just a place where people share their thoughts and pictures, it’s another type of search engine. By joining social media channels, you automatically become more visible to a wider reach of target customers.

One brand that knows this well is Playstation. Since joining Twitter, they’ve experienced a 376% growth in followers, with 12 million accounts connecting with them in just five years. By staying active on the platform and sharing a range of different content, they’ve become visible to a global customer base.

Connect with the customer

As a social selling app, the success of Depop social media channels is highly reliant on the growth of its community. By sharing ‘cool stuff’ and creating a buzz around the app, they make it a place that potential customers want to be and connect directly with their existing users.

Even if you don’t have a super-cool fashion business – connecting with customers via social media is of vital importance in todays world. Social media is where people communicate with others, and one where you’ll be expected to talk to your customers too!

Build your brand personality

You’re never too corporate or professional to have a social media account. For example, the Royal Academy uses campaigns that encourage their followers to engage with collection pieces in a new way, such as redrawing some of their most famous artworks.

Social media accounts are a great way to show another side to your brand. Whether it’s sharing employee stories, case studies or interesting, engaging or informative content. It is a way of telling your story to your customers in a channel they use every day – much like how we all used to read the newspaper every day (social media ‘is’ the daily newspaper).

How to become a social media master

If you’re focused on running your business, then social media is probably way down on your to-do list. However, there are a couple of steps you can make towards becoming a social media master.

01: Set achievable goals

Whether it’s just focusing on one channel or growing your followers by a certain amount – setting small, reasonable goals within a certain deadline can help to give your social media marketing some focus.

Stick to one or two goals and spend some time researching what steps you need to take to reach them. By doing this, you won’t just improve your social media marketing, but also learn more about how to run these channels effectively too.

02: Understand analytics

To track your performance effectively, you need to understand how social media analytics work. Each channel has a different dashboard, so taking some time to explore them and work out what each metric means is key to keeping you on track.

If you want to become a real master, then consider taking an online or short course so you can get a head start on understanding your social media performance.

03: Think about content

Doing social media isn’t just about setting up an account, it’s about sharing content too. It’s important to share a range of different information, imagery, videos or data on your channels to really engage with your customers. Think about what they really want and how you can fit this into the social media format.

You might encourage people to sign up for a monthly digital newsletter or, share blog articles on your website. Thinking about what you want to share and how you want to share it, is a great starting point.

How to achieve your social media goals

If you’re still not sure how to achieve your social media goals, then our agency can help you! – just as we’re helping our other clients.

For example, one of our newest clients, Urban Paws UK, came to us wanting to grow their online following across all social channels. Since June, we’ve been sharing a huge range of interesting content to engage with their audiences. This has risen the businesses online stature and brand appeal, seeing their following grow from 275 to 397 (and growing) in just ten weeks – that’s an increase of 42%.

So, if you want some advice on how to achieve your social media goals, why not get in touch with us today by emailing designmc@live.com