How brand personality builds customer loyalty

Your personality is what makes you stand out from everyone else. Unique only to you, it’s why your friends and family stay loyal to you above anyone else. The same principle applies to brands.

Particularly when it comes to younger customers, choosing brands that genuinely match their values and purpose is a key factor in their decision making. Indeed 90% of millennials said in a recent survey that authenticity was one of the most important elements when deciding who to buy from.

Getting your brand personality right is key to ensuring your business is true to itself and your customers. In short, an effective brand personality can bring real returns when it comes to customer loyalty. So, what exactly is brand personality and how can you build one that’s true to your business?

What is brand personality?

As with any individual, a brand personality is made up of characteristic elements that are truly unique to a business. These can include a brand’s:

• Purpose

• Values

• Traits

These will form an impression and emotional reaction from customers towards the brand and will be expressed through its tone of voice, brand story, internal culture and customer experience.

How can brand personality create customer loyalty?

A recent study by Facebook showed that millennials were just as likely to be loyal to brands as the Boomer generation. However, what differentiated customers who simply repeated their purchases and those who were truly loyal were the emotional links they had to a brand.

As well as meeting the functional needs of a customer, businesses need to focus on having qualities such as trustworthiness and a positive service experience in order to gain customer loyalty. Indeed consistency, cost, quality and experience were ranked as the most important factors in driving brand loyalty.

This is where brand personality comes in. By having a clear understanding of what your business is to itself and its customers, you can start to create a customer experience that is consistent, high-quality and trustworthy.

Winning the trust of consumers is the key to lasting brand success.

How to form an effective brand personality

Not even the biggest brand get their brand personality right the first time around. Whether their customer demographic has shifted over the years or they’ve simply lost focus on their business values and purpose, here’s how some international brands have refreshed their brand personality effectively.

VISA reconnects with its customers

After gaining 60 years of equity with their customers, Visa recently returned to its roots – small businesses – with a brand refresh. The finance giant took its iconic four-letter logo and made it accessible for everyone participating in the digital economy.

Consisting of a variety of elements including a single colour brand mark, brand symbol, typeface and new photographic style, the rebrand emphasised Visa’s primary values of access, equality and inclusion. Plus, it connects directly to the target audience by putting ‘everyday people in real places’ at the front and centre of their brand.

Spotify captures customer emotion

In their ‘Everywhere’ campaign, Spotify reconnected directly with its audience’s needs by putting itself at the heart of their most emotional moments. This campaign takes the saying ‘music is the soundtrack to our lives’ and uses it to emphasise the platform’s unique ability to personalise customers’ experiences with music.

By using targeted methods like digital billboards and guerilla marketing alongside formats and a tone of voice that’s familiar with their target audience, Spotify makes an effective connection with customers and reminds them why they fell in love with the platform in the first place.

SAGE repositions to capture millennial SMEs

How do you make an accounting tool attractive to an audience of young business owners? Sage Accounting recently answered this question with their ‘Boss It With Sage’ marketing campaign. Their funny, high-energy set of video adverts showed a variety of SME ‘bosses’ taking back the power of their own accounting with Sage.

Plus, through their partnership with TikTok to create the #BOSSIT2021 social media campaign, Sage championed the stories of SME business owners by inviting them to express how they were thriving in challenging times. This refocused Sage’s commitment to SMEs and engaged with a younger generation of business owners.

How you can build your own brand personality

Just like the world’s biggest businesses, if you want to examine and refresh your brand personality, then getting help from an expert design team will be invaluable. At Designmc we can help you to break down each element of your brand, strip them back and get to your core purpose and values.

We do this using several processes, including running discovery sessions with key team members, conducting a business-wide brand audit, audience analysis and market research, brand reimagining and development. Alongside this, we can assist in the rollout of your brand to ensure it truly connects with your audience and gains their loyalty from the start.

To find out more about how we can help you build an effective brand personality, get in touch at