5 signs your business needs to rebrand

The impact of effective branding on customer loyalty, recognition and spending are widely recognised. Whatever sector your business is in, the power of branding can’t be denied, with 77% of B2B marketers saying that it was essential for their organisation’s growth.

Branding covers so many elements of your business strategy, from marketing to product development and customer service. This makes it difficult for businesses to recognise when the brand isn’t working as effectively as it could.

This article will help you spot the signs that a rebrand should be considered and give you examples of how big brands have solved these challenges.

1. You’ve lost your purpose

You’ve no doubt heard about the importance of making your brand authentic, particularly if you’re looking to target millennial consumers. However, if your business has grown exponentially, been involved in a merger or acquisition or has a long history, then it may have lost a sense of the values and purpose which drove it forward in the first place.

This was the case for Airbnb, which became a travel giant in its first few years of business and quickly outgrew its original brand.

To help the business rediscover its purpose, 13 employees were sent to stay with 18 hosts across the world. Their experience and insights then formed the basis of the rebrand, which included new company values, the development of the ‘Belo’ logo, new visual elements and a refreshed strategy.

With a refreshed and energetic brand identity that closer aligns with the audience, Airbnb is free to express themselves with witty and personality-led marketing. This is apparent with the brands latest advertising campaign ‘Made possible by hosts’, where the audience gets an emotive glimpse into the holiday stays of like minded people, creating an enhanced connection with the audience.

Rediscovering your business’ purpose won’t just help to increase the authenticity of your brand, but ensure that your business strategy, internal culture and customer experience are all consistent and true to your values. Indeed, asking your customers or employees about their perceptions can provide invaluable insights for your business, even if you’re not undertaking a total rebrand.

2. Your brand isn’t ready for the future

A particular challenge for heritage or large businesses is having a brand that can work across digital platforms and embrace new experiences or technologies. This is key to future-proofing your company. As well as keeping your messaging and visual identity consistent across the whole customer and employee experience, a future-ready brand will help your business, its products and services stay relevant in the marketplace.

Creating digital-first elements was a key focus for car company Audi as they approached their rebrand in 2017.

Looking to improve its digital presence and online experience, the new visual identity also made the brand more accessible to a wider customer base. A symbol of innovation and openness, Audi’s new logo and brand guidelines formed a flexible base for the businesses’ digital-focused future.

3. Your brand no longer reflects your offering

After more than 60 years in the telecommunications market, BT Group’s product and service offering had radically changed. From setting up phone lines to becoming a leading global provider in broadband, mobile and television services, BT recognised that its original branding no longer reflected what it offered or what the audience expected.

Developed to put BT’s holistic services and values of equality, sustainability and the environment front and centre, the businesses’ new visual identity became bolder, modern and dynamic while retaining the essential elements that made it instantly recognisable.

The new identity enables the brand to be as unique and bold with its marketing as it wants to be, giving the business the ability to play with the brands creative, much like this abstracted premiere league video short (can you tell which teams crests are in it?).

Indeed, if your organisation has grown, developed new products and services or been part of merger and acquisition activity, then a rebrand can help you to bring all elements of your business under one recognisable and unique umbrella brand.

4. You’re not connecting with customers

If you’re seeing a drop in your customer experience metrics and can’t understand why then a rebrand might be the solution. Whether your messaging and visual identity is unclear, inconsistent or simply not engaging enough, it can lead both existing and new customers to become disconnected from your business and brand.

Wanting to break away from their perception as a magazine for middle-aged car enthusiasts, Auto Trader’s rebrand didn’t just reflect their new, digital-only presence, but made the business more accessible to a wider audience.

Relatable imagery, quirky illustrations and a more welcoming brand voice made even inexperienced car buyers feel at home shopping on the Auto Trader site.

5. Your brand doesn’t stand out

Particularly in crowded sectors, developing a stand-out brand is essential to capturing customer loyalty and spend. As part of the hospitality sector, Giraffe restaurants needed to refocus their brand to capture the attention of younger, experience-hungry consumers.

Transforming into ‘Giraffe World Kitchen’, the rebrand clarified their offering to customers with a new strapline ‘Taste a Whole New World’ and established a grown-up, vibrant visual identity that was rolled out across all their restaurants and communications. This rebrand helped Giraffe differentiate itself from the competition and widened its appeal to new audiences.

What is the best approach to rebranding?

Whether you want to rediscover your purpose or get your brand ready for the future, finding an experienced agency that can work collaboratively and creatively with your team and stakeholders is key to making your rebrand effective.

Having worked with a range of brands in a variety of sectors, we can help you get back to your core values and develop a new identity that will connect with your customers, reinvigorate your employees and benefit your business.

Don’t let these signs go ignored, email hello@designmc.org to find out more about how we can help you rebrand effectively.