Gardening brands grow new (creative) roots

Gardening is no longer just a hobby for white-haired enthusiasts. Thanks to the increased focus on self-care, mindfulness and an appreciation of nature, young adults are widely embracing gardening. Indeed, 83% of 18 to 34 years olds now believe the activity is ‘cool’, with 54% saying they’d rather spend time in a garden centre than a nightclub.

From introducing houseplants and herb boxes to their flats to brightening up their outdoor spaces with daffodils and tulips. Young adults are looking for gardening brands that fulfil their digital-first, convenience and quality-focused shopping preferences as much as their green-fingered enthusiasm.

As a result, gardening startups and established brands are nurturing their creative roots to modernise and flourish in this new-look market. So how are gardening brands adapting to these new trends and what can others learn from their creative cultivation?

What’s started the new gardening trend?

When COVID-19 restrictions hit and people were forced to spend more time in their homes, nurturing their own indoor or outdoor natural worlds became a new pastime for many. Although the positive impact of introducing plants into homes has long been proven, restricted access to outdoor environments and the mental health pressures of the pandemic brought this into greater focus.

Yet this widespread enthusiasm for all things green doesn’t seem to be going away, with seed sellers (amongst other gardening businesses) across the world still experiencing growing demand. In short, the pandemic kick-started radical growth in the gardening market and may have changed its target customer demographics for the long term.

What does this mean for gardening brands?

As younger people become a growing consumer group within the gardening sector, businesses are transforming their brands to tap into this potential market growth. This means developing brand messaging and stylistic imagery that focuses on combining younger consumers’ enthusiasm for plants and their wellness benefits, with a preference for easy, eCommerce purchases.

Our experts take a look at a few garden brands that have evolved to tap into this new target audience.

Green-fingered convenience

With branding that feels like a breath of fresh air, Patchplants makes shopping for indoor plants easy and convenient. As their strapline, ‘plants made easy’ suggests, the brand’s straightforward messaging, easy-access content and spacious, clean and dynamic design makes it simple for the customer to find and care for their perfect houseplants.

As well as providing helpful content, Patchplants categorises its products in an easy-to-use way (such as by room, height or plant type) and gives their plants personalities and names like Bertie, Suri and Emma. This doesn’t just add a touch of quirkiness to their brand, but taps into a trend for plant parenting amongst millennial consumers.

Dedicated flowers of fashion

Gardening store Sproutl has branding that wouldn’t feel out of place with a high-quality fashion retail business. From partnering with big industry names like Kew Gardens and London Terrariums for special edition collections, to creating edits for sustainable gardening and bee pollinators, Sproutl takes a premium shopping model that millennials recognise and transfers it to gardening products.

With plenty of helpful information and exclusive access to new collections for newsletter subscribers, Sproutl makes garden shopping easy and exciting. Plus, the retail-savvy tone of its imagery style makes consumers feel like they’re purchasing from a top high street brand.

Seeds of inspiration

Clean, cool and completely simple, seed seller Herboo brings a design-first approach to this sector of the gardening industry. With modest,  modern branding and a minimalist style of messaging, Herboo redefines what has previously been considered an old-fashioned part of the gardening industry.

By creating easy-to-use seed sets, giving straightforward growing advice and providing engaging content, Herboo has turned seed selling away from the tired towards the trendy.

Pots full of style

It’s not just gardening brands that are looking to tap into younger consumers, but product ranges too. From tools to pots and outdoor accessories, gardening products are being made increasingly stylish, customisable and collectable to meet younger consumers’ desire for quality, luxury and exclusivity.

From a three-piece gardening toolset that’s as bright and beautiful as blooming flowers to a Japanese-engineered pair of secateurs, these products turn gardening from a hobby to a lifestyle choice. So by purchasing these products, younger consumers show they take values such as sustainability, wellness and individuality seriously, something which is very important to this customer group.

Freshen up your gardening brand

Whether you’re a startup or an established business in the gardening sector, updating your brand to make it relevant and appealing to younger customers may feel like an impossible task. Our team here at designmc can help you with that, we help businesses get to the root of what they do and develop this purpose into a fresh, modern brand that taps into new opportunities and consumer groups.

Creating your brand identity, discovering your brand story, evolving your website and creating multichannel marketing campaigns – we can help you access your target customer effectively.

So, want to elevate your brand within the gardening marketplace, bucking the trend and challenging the traditional. Get in touch with us by emailing with your details, and we can work with you to help your gardening business grow and flourish.