Get your brand 2023 ready

It should come as no surprise that the agenda for 2023 is tech innovation and meeting ever-evolving customer expectations. But, as we wind down for 2022, just what should brands be doing to ensure a very merry 2023?

We know it can be a real pain in the proverbial to stay ahead of trends, especially when there’s the non-too-small issue of running your business to focus on. But as a thriving year ahead is right at the top of most businesses Christmas wish-lists, it’s critical that brands know exactly what it takes to get ahead and ensure a successful future 12 months.

Here’s a quick-fire list to help get you started:

1. Re-focus your audience segmentation.

Audience budgets and needs will change in 2023, so you need to be there to respond to them. That means looking out for customers who might be trading up or down. By adjusting your target audience, you make a huge impact on attracting and generating new business.

2. Re-align your channel mix.

With the new year brings new budgets. That means you need to be maximising reach and focusing attention at the upper funnel level. Be smart and use all touch points available, from packaging to map listings.

3. Re-visit your creative messaging.

With changing tides, expectations and a volatile public zeitgeist comes the inevitable fall-back on brands to keep up.

So, make sure your messaging is hitting the right tone for a 2023 landscape – many consumers will be tightening the belt-buckles and looking to get as much value as possible from purchases. That means you need to be there to deliver what they need.

4. Re-invigorate your proposition.

Changing your product or service is costly, time-consuming, and unnecessary. How your customer perceives and discovers your service however is not. Create offers and incentives that give customers peace of mind and clarity to avoid the pitfalls of economic austerity.

Once that’s all said and done, you’ll need to monitor your competition closely and ensure you’re delivering on the experiences that your customers really want to see. In 2023 consumers will want a frictionless experience that delivers meaningful value to them. By keeping a beady eye on what your competitors are up to, you’ll be able to weaponise these innovations to your advantage.

Voice – make sure you use it.

Has it really been 10 years since Google launched voice search? Well, considering this is now a de-facto feature of almost every smart device it’s easy to see just how far this feature has come. Plus, with 35.1% of consumers using virtual and voice assistants every single day, brands really do need to be putting their money where their mouth is.

From checking what the temperature is to which herbal tea is most likely to drop you 10lbs by New Year’s, online retailers are becoming savvy to leveraging this tech to enhance shopping experiences for their customers. And why not? Voice activated search increases access for shoppers with limited mobility and speeds up the shopping process, enabling consumers to find products and services quicker than ever before. It’s intuitive, hands free and it should be a priority for brands wanting to stay at the forefront of user’s minds.

The mobile shopping invasion is well underway.

The rise in mobile eCommerce is at an all-time high. Don’t believe us? Between 2016 and 2021 things escalated from 52.4% to a whopping 72.9%. With lifestyle and environmental factors forcing people to spend even more time on their mobile devices, this trend only looks set to continue at a rapid pace.

To ensure your business is prepared, brands need to align their eCommerce business with the stats and ensure touch points are mobile friendly and seamless. Creating a convenient customer experience that makes checkout simple, and hassle free.

Privacy? It’s non-negotiable.

To deliver the personal experiences that consumers demand, you need data. And with data comes the issue of privacy. It’s no secret that data privacy is one of the top concerns of most users, with 86% of Americans agreeing.

To win in this arena, transparency is key. Be clear with your customers about your company’s data practises and let your audience know from the get-go what type of data you’re collecting from them. That way, you’ll be able to deliver the grade A personalisation to keep them loyal and engaged, but you won’t risk comprising their trust. The golden rule? Always give them the option to opt out.

The future of intelligence is artificial.

To deal with the pace and complexity of modern-day eCommerce, AI is a must. Useful for data mining, natural language processing and machine learning, if you’re not integrating AI processes into your eCommerce business in 2023 then you really are running the risk of getting left behind.

Collecting customer data on mass generates precise and targeted marketing and advertising, plus chatbots and virtual assistants can fill a much-needed service gap. Ensuring that customer needs are met 24/7 without the need for large overheads. And, if storage space is limited, AI can help with that too by managing inventory, predicting patterns, and spotting possible supply chain issues.

To stay at the top of your game post-Christmas, it’s essential to offer impeccable services – and that’s where we can help. If you’d like to know more about how we can help your brand get ready for 2023, stay ahead of the competition and deliver the experiences your customers really want, get in touch at