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Client: Additae Valorem
Services: Website design and build


Additae Valorem is a fast-growing, bespoke interior fit-out company that helps clients across the UK design and build dynamic office spaces.

Incorporated in 2015, the business’ strength lies in a specialist team dedicated to adding value at every stage of the fit-out journey.

The owners engaged our agency to support them in reviewing the business website, with a view to develop a completely new site that reflected the AV brand.

The old website:


Firstly, our team needed to conduct a deep dive discovery and analysis with the clients’ team.

This workshop session was our opportunity to understand the businesses strategy, the key issues with the existing website and what functionalities were required for the new website.

With our findings we were able to build a clear picture and develop the strategy of what needed to be implemented to reach the clients goals.

AV discovery sessions 1920x1080-01
AV discovery sessions 1920x1080-02
AV discovery sessions 1920x1080-03

Next, we needed to establish how we could evolve the brand identity, without losing the business’ core personality.

Immediately, we suggested that the brand logo should be adjusted to become more iconic, using the AV as the memorable visual capture with the audience. Making this adjustment will enable the client to eventually remove the Additae Valorem wording, should they want to, once the business becomes a major player in the space.

Our team then focused on the colour palette choice. We selected colours that complimented the interior fit-out style the business provided to its clients. This conscious choice of palette creates a cohesion from brand to service.

It was important the brand identity evolutions we made were done with a sensitivity towards simplicity, this echoed the clients’ brand vision of providing a fresh approach to the fit-out industry.

With an established look and feel, our team then expanded on the assets available to us. Reworking copy to elevate the content, re-structuring it to take the reader on a journey.

To give a final touch of distinction to the site, we utilised video media to characterise pages and capture user attention.


We designed and built a website that presented the business with a dynamic and user-friendly solution.

It was key that the site was navigationally easy to use, as the primary function is to showcase the fit-out expertise and project case study credentials of the team.

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