Bircroft Private

Bircroft Private is an established and highly respected London based property finance firm. The business operates at the heart of the UK’s property market, sourcing and delivering tailored funding solutions to assist with the development, purchase, re-financing and re-structuring of property assets and portfolios.

Services: Branding, Brand Guidelines, Stationery Design


After trading for over 11 years, and upon noticing competitor growth emergence within the finance industry, the team at Bircroft Private took the decision to conduct a rebrand for the business.

It was clearly stipulated that the most vital requirements with the rebrand was to create an identity that would express modernity within the fast growing market, whilst remaining conscious of retaining the heritage and prestigious stature of the business.


As all of our branding processes begin, we started with running a discovery and brand evaluation workshop with the clients key team members.

With an approach that insights brand observation, analytical points of view, and a small splash of left field creative thinking, the workshop findings helped gain clarity on both; how the client perceived the current business, and what aspirations they had for its future.


Taking into consideration the findings from our discovery and research activity, as well as noting the importance of retaining a level of decorum, our creative solution took the route of Chess. More specifically, the Knight piece of a Chess board.

We felt the Knights very definition encapsulated Bircroft Private as a business entity, whilst its visual stature indicated a tone of sophistication.

Definition of the Knight:

The Knight might not be the most powerful piece on the board, but his skill set is unique and gets him the recognition needed to be used frequently.

The hallmark of the Knight acts as a symbol of Bircroft Privates’ values, attributes and distinctive market presence – and, paired with a traditional, yet luxurious colour palette, the brand identity aligned with the client’s vision.


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