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The Chartered Institution of Highways and Transports supports and champions industry professionals.

After operating for more than 70+ years, the Board of Directors recognised it was time to conduct a rebrand that would reaffirm their place within the industry, by aligning with market expectation.


As the brand was already highly recognisable in the industry, we decided to modernise rather than reinvent their identity.

By updating the logo, abbreviating the business name and introducing a new, modern font, we enhanced the audience’s familiarity with the brand and emphasised its authority. 


Simplification was the principle that guided the direction of new identity. We produced extensive brand guidelines that outlined a coherent and consistent style, including infographics and bespoke iconography sets. 

Roll out:

With the branding complete, the client requested that we apply this to a report to show them how these new rules could be applied effectively on an extensive body of literature and marketing collateral.

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