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The client, Chartered Institution of Highways and Transport (CIHT) supports transport professionals, and the industry, raising their voice in the national debate; furthering their knowledge and strengthening the networks that exist amongst them.

After over 70 years of operation, the CIHT Board of Directors took the decision to conduct a rebrand, to reaffirm and realign the long-standing organisation within the modern market.

The rebrand was tendered to a collection of agencies and, after a concession of rounds within the tendering process, our team were appointed.


The immediate mindset we adopted with this rebrand, was that due to the client’s extensive history and stature within their industry, the brand logo could not be drastic in its evolution – but rather a modernisation of the existing ident.

We proposed a key solution to achieving a successful evolution was to abbreviate the business name, as we believed that shortening the wording would enhance the brands familiarity with the audience. It was also important to introduce a more pronounced modern font into the identity to emphasize the brands authority.


Once we had established the simplification of the brand name, the entire identity was influenced by this principle. Creating a coherent and consistent style, we produced extensive brand guidelines for the new CIHT brand – inclusive of developing an infographic style and bespoke iconography sets.

Roll out:

With the branding complete, the client requested that we apply the new identity to a report – allowing them to see how an extensive body of content and statistical data would be applied, with the new identities brand rules being adhered to.

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