Client: Edelweiss
Services: Branding, Brand evolution, Brand strategy, Brand guidelines, Brand literature design


Edelweiss is a dedicated team of artisans who have been perfecting the art of custom piano making for over four decades. Yet, even the most prestigious brands require a refresh from time to time.

The team approached us with the ambition of wanting to evolve the brand, cohesively aligning the identity throughout the business, whilst preserving the brand’s authenticity.

The key characteristics that we needed to take into consideration when evolving the brand were its modernity, heritage and craftsmanship.


We started by dissecting the existing brand – by understanding what we had to work with, we could creatively piece together a solution with a reasoned foundation.

After conducting research, we learnt that an Edelweiss is a mountain flower that grows in the high altitude of the Alps. With its elegant petals coloured white and buds of soft yellowy gold, we had our defined brand palette.

Remaining conscious of modernity and the clients’ goal of evolving the existing brand, we looked at what defined the business – the pianos – this lead our thoughts to the structure of the musical instrument, and how we could combine it with the story of the flower.


Inspired by our research, we developed a symbol that represents the story behind the brand – the flower head and the piano strings – with a style that complimented the existing contemporary brand identity.

Paired with the existing brand wording, the symbol elevated the brand’s presence. It also offers the flexibility to be used as a standalone graphic across print and digital applications, making the brand more dynamic and memorable to the audience.

Once we had established the evolved branding, our team set out to create a comprehensive set of brand guidelines, to future-proof its use and to define a consistency for the business.

Roll out:

With the brand evolution complete, we were then asked to roll out the new identity across a range of product literature.

We created a set of high spec brochures that adhered to the new brand rules. With a cohesive, modernist design treatment, these brochures presented the information clearly and emphasised the quality of the product photography.

Brochures portrait 3

A final note:

We’re very proud to have established a working relationship with the Edelweiss brand (and team) as we continue to support all of their brand and marketing requirements.

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