Gambling With Lives

Services: Educational programme development, presentation design and lesson plans


Working alongside our long standing client, Pukka Films, we were commissioned to help bring the educational vision of the Gambling With Lives team to life.

Gambling With Lives aspired to release a ground-breaking education programme, used in schools Nationwide, teaching young people about how the gambling industry, and it’s highly addictive / dangerous products, work.


The team at Pukka Films produced a series of film shorts which observed the story of a young male who gets addicted to gambling – intercut with interviews from former gambling addicts – showing how the characters addiction dramatically affects his life.

With the films as the core media, our team proceeded to create the supporting educational key stage 4 documents, to be used as teaching tools within classrooms to engage pupils and inform them of the inherent risks of gambling.

Examining and breaking down the important messages and key turning points in the film series, we developed the assets that would create the narrative for the teaching programme resources.


We developed a series of four in-class teacher presentations that worked in conjunction with the films.

The multi-faceted documents aimed to teach the pupils about the consequences of gambling, including; industry tactics being used to capture the attention and involvement of individuals, an in-presentation interactive algorithm showing how the house always wins, and the sharing of methods to recognise the tell tail signs of addiction and how best to avoid it.

Roll out:

The films have been screened in Westminster for political figures and industry experts, and the education programme is being rolled out in sessions with young people nationwide in the UK.

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