INP Media

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INP Media is a creatively innovative film and video production company, working with clients to transform their communications and help brands get their stories across using a wide range of cutting edge media solutions.

Founded in 2003, the business has grown from strength to strength, expanding on an impressive client and project list.

With emerging new medias and industry competitors embracing their digital presence, the team at INP Media set out to evolve, refresh and create a statement brand that would stand up in the industry.

Approach and delivery:

It was of vital importance to the client that the rebrand was substantial for the business, allowing INP Media to reinvent and reinstate its position within the industry.

With this in mind, we focused on creating a brand identity that would generate intrigue and a heightened interest with the audience.

After conducting brand workshops and market research with the team, it became clear that clients and industry peers alike referred to the company as INP, as opposed to the registered full company name of INP Media.

On agreement from the client to apply the abbreviation of the brand name, the design adopted an abstract solution, creating a symbolic style logo.

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