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Services: Website design and build, Social media strategy and management


Leap People Solutions came to the agency with the ambition of wanting to evolve the brand and company presence within the market. The team recognised the businesses digital presence needed improvement and the brands online marketing required development, to better reflect the values of the team.


A key goal for the project was creating solutions that better represented the values and ethos of the business.

To achieve this, we started by getting a clear understanding of the teams approach and the professional services they offer. This enabled our creative thinking to develop an approach that was based on simplification, which would allow the personality and principles of the business to take centre stage.


Once we had established the evolved identity for the brand, we proceeded to design and build a dynamic website that echoed clear and concise communication.

The website solution strikes a balance of vibrant friendliness and interactive visual energy, with an uncomplicated, no nonsense presentation of the business offering.

With the website complete, and before its official launch, our team suggested that the best way to gain traction with the online audience would be to conduct a launch campaign.

We designed a multi-channel campaign that would lead up to the agreed 4-week deadline for launch. The campaign series solution conveyed two messages with the audience – one, to entice and excite with a countdown, and the other, to present a glimpse into the professional services that LPS would be offering.

Social Launch 1920x1080 A
Social Launch 1920x1080 B
Social Launch 1920x1080 C
Social Launch 1920x1080 D

Roll out:

Once the website was successfully launched, our focus then switched to onto the social media strategy.

The clients’ team already had some history of activity across all social channels, which assisted in forming the starting foundations of post type topics the business was interested in. Our strategy was to then fine tune the topics into a monthly activity list that was varied, relevant, complimentary – and most importantly, achievable.

With an agreed topics set, we proceeded to design and refine post templates that complimented the newly elevated brand identity – presenting a brand consistency across all digital touch points.

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