NHS – Smokefree Lambeth

Website: www.nhs.uk
Services: Illustration, Marketing, Print Design


Based in the London Borough of Lambeth, NHS Smokefree wanted to tackle the rise in local smoking-related issues. 

The client wanted a campaign that stepped away from traditional healthcare marketing, stood out and targeted specific demographics.


The campaign would target specific audience types: 

• Individuals who wanted support to quit smoking. 

• Patients who smoked and were already in hospital for other reasons. 

• Ethnic minorities who could be incentivised to quit smoking. 

To reach this broad range of audiences, the campaign needed to be simple and direct in its approach while also being visually appealing.


After the client approved the creative approach, it was rolled out in a series of small print posters that were delivered to various clinics in the Borough of Lambeth area. 

We also created bus shelter adverts that were placed nearby to Lambeth Hospital in an effort to capture the attention of patients, families and local people. 

As a result of the campaign, the Borough of Lambeth saw a 14.6% fall in cases of smoking-related issues and a 22% increase in people seeking advice for quitting smoking between 2017 and 2018. 

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