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Planning Insight is a progressive planning consultancy, with a team that have aligned values, expertise and dedication.

With the business going from strength-to-strength, year-on-year, the client felt it was time to realign the brand with how the business had evolved.

It was our challenge to develop the brand identity, modernising it for the current and future market, whilst presenting an expected level of professionalism for its placement within the industry.


With a conscious towards the clients desires of maintaining a level of decorum, the creative began with the selection of colour.

It was our aim to create a modern and dynamic brand – not too brash or overly energetic – but savvy, assured, and one with its own distinction.

We also felt the brand should contain an icon, one that represented both the business, and the architectural nature of the planning industry.


After the successful completion and launch of the new brand, the client requested our assistance with rolling the new identity out through all avenues of the business.

We begun with the redesign and build of the website. Using best practise UX strategy and user testing, we developed an optimised, full responsive website that complimented the new identity with a creative deconstruction of the brand logo.

Roll out:

To maintain the integrity of the brand and its consistency in application, it was paramount that all marketing comm’s were created, and managed with a conscious towards the brand values and aspirations of the business.

Working closely with the client we have strategised, designed and overseen multiple marketing campaigns, both offline and online.

We continue to work with the team at Planning Insight to help grow the businesses stature within the planning sector.

Monthly Digital Newsletter

After an initial process of designing and building a master template, working with the client, each month our team gather together a range of content, such as; industry news, case studies, reports and guidance documents, team updates and inspiration articles. We then schedule, monitor performance and expand the clients audience.

Social media marketing

With regular and varied content, our team help manage the clients social media marketing activity, assuring that the business is both active and acting as a thought leader for the planning sector. The marketing activity performance is reviewed, and acts as the key guide to future campaigns, as well as completing the brand loop for the clients business.

Client testimonial:

“As a long standing agency for us, the team at designmc really are an extension of the marketing department. As well as fulfilling ad-hoc requests, the team support in key projects such as; brand development, internal and external reports, and important presentations. They understand our business, and often they go the extra mile”

Peter Higginbottom, Founder & Managing Director, Planning Insight

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