The Royal Opera House

Services: Marketing, Advertisement, Print Design


The Royal Opera House required a marketing campaign that would create an awareness of the businesses meeting & conference room facilities, attracting business owners and organisations who were otherwise unaware of their existence.


It was important to remain conscious of the clients commercial goals for the project, whilst retaining the conventionally flamboyant persona of the Royal Opera House.

Therefore, the marketing campaign needed visually encompass both theatrical authenticity, finely balanced with the key objective of the campaign – which in this case was promotion of conference and meeting room facilities.


Our solution was a campaign series of designs that combined a range of stationery, typically used by individuals attending meetings and conferences, characterised into dancers and opera singers – paying homage to the world-renowned artists who grace the stages of The Royal Opera House.

The series of images were then supported with witty marketing messages, cohesively tying the use of the facilities being highlighted with the experience of conducting them within The Royal Opera House building.

Roll out:

The campaign series was predominantly rolled out throughout central London, and was communicated via the mediums of bus stop posters and large scale street side billboards, with intension to attract a wide reaching commuter audience.

A further expansion of the campaign was then applied to smaller print literature and advertorials, and was sent out as Mailers to a targeted database of potential clientele.

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