The Dog Treat Company


After launching their market-leading products in 2014, The Dog Treat Company wanted to revisit the packaging design on its pouches range. 

The aim of the new design would be to attract new audiences whilst retain brand familiarity for existing customers.

(Immediately below are the original package designs)

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After many discussions with the team, it was decided that, alongside the packaging, the shape of the treat should also change to create a completely fresh look. 

With the new, friendlier heart-shaped treat, our team turned to creating a packaging design that would enhance the joy and fun of the new shape. 


Once we’d developed a suite of fun, playful assets, we started applying them to the new pouch packaging. 

Keeping the familiar element of the dog head characters, we created a wallpaper style pattern that was vibrant energetic that would attract new customers and re-engage old ones. 

Client testimonial:

“I’ve been working with Designmc and in particular Matt for several years and have always found his balance of creativity and commerciality that he employs into his project management a rare find in the creative world. However, the redesign of our new pouches not only exemplifies these qualities, but captures the essence of our companies evolutionary trail; new enough to compete with the latests designs whilst retaining our roots and our journey to this point- fabulous work by the Team”

Joe Halliwell, Founder & Managing Director, The Dog Treat Company

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