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A long-standing client of ours, The Dog Treat Company, are an enterprising and brand-brave team who have achieved success within the National and International pet products market.

Since the pet pandering market leaders opened its doors in 2014, the brand and its products have been developed and evolved into the highly achieved business it is today.

With the success of the business’ pouches range booming, the client felt it was time to revisit the packaging design. The ambition was to realign the products look and feel – to give life to the creative and evolve the design appeal to attract new audiences within the modern market – whilst also retaining brand familiarity with existing customer loyalty.

(Immediately below is the original pouches design)

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With the products being so highly established, the real balancing act we faced was to create a fresh-look design that acquainted with the original packaging.

It was our position that the change should begin not with the packaging – but with the biscuit treat itself – as the treat was the single moment of pure joy that the dog experienced, and so to capture this would set the benchmark tone for the packaging design evolution.

After many discussions and shape-drawing-and-meaning sessions with the client, it was decided that the biscuit would be upgraded to a new, friendlier and ‘happiness inducing’ heart shaped treat.

Once the treat had taken shape (excuse the pun), our team switched focus onto creating a design solution for the packaging that complimented the cheerful vibes of the heart.

The creative process led us to explore how we could visually define and evoke the feeling of joy.

Our journey of vibrant colour combinations, graphic element movement, typographic characterisation and playful paths for the eye… had begun.


Once we had created a suite of complimentary assets, we begun applying them to the new pouch packaging range.

Remaining mindful of the clients wishes to retain an element of design familiarity, we felt a key symbol that helped define the original range was the dog head characters. With a small amount of update work, we integrated the new character heads into the packaging as a wallpaper style pattern solution – one that wasn’t too intrusive to the new style design, but enough to recapture the attention of the returning customer.

What we created was a completely restyled range of the pouches, all with a vibrant and energetic new look that would help continue the success of the products and attract a new audience to the brand.

Client testimonial:

“I’ve been working with Designmc and in particular Matt for several years and have always found his balance of creativity and commerciality that he employs into his project management a rare find in the creative world. However, the redesign of our new pouches not only exemplifies these qualities, but captures the essence of our companies evolutionary trail; new enough to compete with the latests designs whilst retaining our roots and our journey to this point- fabulous work by the Team”

Joe Halliwell, Founder & Managing Director, The Dog Treat Company

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