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The team at Urban Paws approached us after recognising that the digital showcase of the business needed evolving – refreshing not only the brand’s identity, but advancing the online strategy and activity of the business to better engage with target audience types.


The primary goal was to reimagine the brand’s presence, providing the audience with intuitive experiences, engaging insights and streamlined experiences when dealing with the business.

We set out by first refining the brands identity into a cohesive and complimentary digital-ready solution, one that could be utilised consistently across all channels, creating a graphic language for the brand.


Once we had fine-tuned the brand’s identity, we progressed with designing and building the client a new website.

Remaining conscious of the client’s core goal of enhancing site usability, we created a website that presented clear and considered navigation routes to the user. With defined journey structures in place, our team then focused on creating a site that was visually engaging and easy to digest.

Due to the positive experience the client had with our team during the website creation process, they decided to extend the relationship and asked if our agency would be the business’s online marketing partner.

We set out a strategic plan of action for the team’s online activity, working closely with the client to define the long-term goals and ambitions of the business.

We then proceeded to create a multi-channel website launch countdown campaign, generating interest with the client’s online audience. We also re-stylised a range of social post templates for ongoing use in line with our new strategy.

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Roll out:

With our team managing the client’s social channels, we began creating engaging content that would tell the story of Urban Paws to the audience, covering topics such as company services, team expertise and industry tips and insights.

We continue to grow audience engagement through our elevated content. For example, illustrated animations that can be used to engage an audience’s interest in social posts or a digital newsletter.

To communicate with the client’s database of B2C and B2B contacts, we created a digital newsletter. 

The monthly newsletter showcases a range of varied content for the reader to explore, from industry news to expert insights.

It also acts as a platform to promote animal talent and generate further revenue. 

Client testimonial:

“Matthew and the team are trustworthy, reliable and a wealth of knowledge. These guys have literally saved us having had so many negative experiences with previous design companies. I would highly recommend Designmc to anyone considering website design or social media management.”

Layla Flaherty, Founder, Urban Paws UK

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