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Video Production

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What we do

Our team will help capture and tell your unique story using the power of video production to immerse and captivate your customers and clients.

We take a custom approach to each business video production project by working closely with you to understand your needs and goals. As a form of marketing, business video production engages customers through the use of moving images and sound. A corporate video can be used to introduce potential customers to your business, explain products or services, highlight brand achievements, share stories, educate viewers about important topics related to the industry, and more.

Naturally, this provides an opportunity to supply users with an alternative form of content which can then also be syndicated across websites and social media channels for maximum engagement and exposure.

Transform how you promote a product, service or your brand with visual content that will make a memorable impression on your audience; get in touch with our video production team at Designmc to find out how we can do so for your business.

Working together we will


Develop your message by translating it into an engaging sequence that draws your target audience in.

A well-crafted sequence that engages and draws in your target audience will help ensure that they take notice of what you’re trying to say or promote, making it more memorable and impactful. With our professional business video production services, we can help you create an engaging and effective sequence for maximum impact.



Create impactful and compelling business video footage that communicates and speaks directly to the intended viewer.

Using powerful visuals, music, and storytelling techniques, our team will craft a compelling video message that speaks to the heart of your target audience. We believe that great video content should be able to stand on its own – no matter how many views it gets or how many times it’s shared – so we strive to provide video production with long-lasting appeal.



Configure a release strategy that will ensure maximum exposure and audience engagement with your promotional video campaign.

The key to developing a successful release strategy is timing. Decide when the best time for releasing your video is in order to create optimum impact and reach as many people as possible. Consider taking into account factors such as time zone differences, peak times for website usage or social media activity, and more. At Designmc we also offer social media marketing and are well versed in producing content that garners impressions and interaction for your profiles.


Using copywriters to fine tune the supporting information to elevate the video across your social media channels, ensuring the writing tone is in line with your brand.

Copywriters are essential to any successful video production process. A copywriter’s job is to craft the message of your video, making sure it is well written and in line with your brand. Copywriting ensures that every word included in the video supports its core message, and that no distracting or off-brand elements interfere with the overall impact of the content.


Looking to realign, refresh or redevelop your brand or business marketing strategy? Send us an email at or, give us a call direct on 01926 754038 for an informal chat.