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The Brief

&Evolve is an independent leadership development company that provides clients’ with an in-depth, data-driven solution to leadership and culture development.

The team prides itself on supporting businesses with services based on sincerity and an integrity of care towards teams and individuals. The principled team challenge the norm in the leadership industry with data-led diagnosis, helping their clients realise their potential in a unique and pronounced way.

With the rise of competitor businesses in the leadership sector, the clients’ marketing efforts was not achieving the desired results for the business. They contacted our agency seeking assistance to develop their marketing strategies and implementation.



After a thorough review of the clients historical cross-channel marketing work, we discovered that the teams activity level was high – covering; monthly blogs, podcasts, knowledge sharing, insights, industry news and more – yet the business was seeing a decrease in engagement.

We therefore concluded that the change the business required was with the brand itself. By refreshing the brand we could reestablish the businesses stature within the market, re-engaging audience attention and captivating new potential customers.

Our process started by understanding the business – what makes them different, who they seek to work with and why they are so passionate about the work.



With the client committing to a comprehensive rebrand, including the renaming of the business, we begun our process by conducting an in-depth discovery workshop with their team.

The session enabled us to build a clear picture of their collective values and motivations. By understanding their vision and how they anticipated the business to be positioned, we were able to develop and refine the personality of the brand.

Collating together mood boards, we started by looking at a range of artistic styles/movements that we felt embodied the tonality and energy of the team.


With an established understanding of the business, supported with a direction of the clients preference towards look and feel, we began working on brand naming conventions.

Referencing to the work we had done during the discovery phase, we explored a wide range of brand name ideas – each being inspired by the service expertise, forward-thinking approach, and the positive/engaging energy of the clients’ team.


Capturing the impassioned energy and uniqueness of the clients’ team, was an important factor that needed to be taken into consideration during the creative development.

We selected a colour palette that is a representation of the business’ belief in the importance of an individual standing up to be recognised and heard. This distinct quality of the client business is reflected in the vibrant and dark colour palette we selected for the brand, used in juxtaposition combinations.




Due to the crucial importance of the new brand name aligning and best representing the client’s team ethics, values and the difference they make within their customers’ businesses, they took it upon themselves to internally formulate the name ‘Evolve’.

Our branding team then suggested an elevation of the new name by adding the precursor of ‘&’ – making the new brand name &Evolve.

The creative thinking behind the name convention of using an ‘&’ is a hyper-modern solution, one that provides an expansive versatility of the brands’ use. This solution was especially effective for the client due to the specialism of the business and the service types they provide.

To explain: the naming convention can be used in conjunction with services, enhancing them by adding the brand name to the service – i.e. Lead&Evolve, Learn&Evolve, Train&Evolve.

The design of the logo took direct inspiration from the newly formed brand name, with the letters growing, evolving and reflecting the transformational change that the client brings to its customer businesses and teams.

To expand the new brand distinction further, the identity has no one set colour combination – instead, it is intended to be used in multiple variations across the touch points of the business. Presenting the brand in this way maintains a freshness and unexpected quality in the marketplace and with the audience, increasing engagement and likelihood of conversion.


With the new brand identity established, we were asked to develop and create a Master suite of social media post designs for the clients’ team to utilise moving forward. Ensuring that we retained brand consistency, we developed a suite of templates using the structural elements of the brand logo as supporting graphics to the post type subject matter.



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