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Client: YouNeek Productions

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The Brief

The team at YouNeek Productions came to our studio with a clear ambition to take their brand to the next level.

With the business expanding services and the team being contracted by larger clients, across wider industry sectors, the owners aspired to evolve and advance brand presence.

In order to achieve their goals, the client understood the importance of rethinking and modernising the company website, to better showcase their work, culture and distinctive process.



Immediately, it was apparent to us that our work needed to start at the clients logo. We felt it would beneift from being adjusted slightly to be more visually balanced. By looking at the letter spacing and word alignment, we fine tuned the negative space between the characters, balancing readability and flow.

We also suggested that adding a touch of colour would further elevate the logo and capture audience attention.



During the process of developing the logo, the client asked if our team would help come up with an animated short. One that would be used as a visual asset to promote the brand across a multitude of channels and applications.

Working closely with the client, we extrapolated detail about the services they offer as a business – in particular the range of professional equipment their team use.

We proceeded to create a suite of illustrations based on the clients equipment, these assets would form the foundations of the animation sequence.

Inspired by the practical functionalities of the equipment, we developed a storyboard sequence that captured an expression of the services the client provides.

Characterised with an ensemble of equipment mechanics, the sequence visually captivates the viewer whilst presenting the wide array of production services the business can provide.


With the animation complete, we focused our attention on evolving the company website.

The new site had clear objectives to better present the defining qualities of the business, including; team culture, impassioned extracurricular work and bigger client projects.



The new website design is big, bold and unashamed.

We wanted to strip back the design to make sure the audience know exactly who YouNeek Productions are and, what they are all about.

The user journey throughout the site is clear and concise, guiding them through the work and the story of the team effortlessly and in a visually pleasing way.

Client words

It was a great creative experience working with Matthew and his team at Designmc. The team have an expansive exchange of ideas that has a synergy providing maximum creativity in the end result. Professional, bespoke and a personal approach, combined with excellent attention to detail and the desire to produce the very best.

Matt and his team were truly amazing to work with. Everything they do in terms of quality, approach and personality is how we aim to perform. What they’ve delivered for us is exactly what we wanted, and needed.

We couldn’t be more pleased with our new website, it showcases us brilliantly and elevates our business to the types of clients we want to be working with in the future”.

Luke Evans / Founding Director / YouNeek Productions


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