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What we do

Through branding and marketing consultancy, Designmc helps companies refine their promotion strategies to better target their chosen audiences – leading to boosted conversions and expanded market interest. We do so by analysing the market, understanding customer needs and wants, developing brand identity and messaging, setting goals, launching campaigns and measuring the results.

Using top level strategies and developed plans, our team will integrate and help you to develop your business marketing activities and capabilities. Driving more profitable results for the business using tried and tested methods and tools, to ensure you maintain competitive advantage in the marketplace.

With years of expertise in the industry, we understand the importance of getting to know your business in order to create an appropriate strategy that will help reach desired outcomes.

Working together we will


Determine where your existing strategies are falling down and what adjustments can be made to effect positive upturn.

Our expert branding consultants will identify where your existing strategies are falling short, whether that be lack of visibility or inadequate tracking systems for customer data. We then provide a detailed plan of action which may involve overhauling your existing approach or introducing new processes aimed at improving sales performance. Our data-led approach has garnered exceptional results for businesses big and small, with clients regularly seeing considerable upturns in conversions and market visibility.



Help your team to navigate the complex marketing landscape with a 360-degree strategy that will achieve your business goals.

Our 360-degree approach takes into consideration all aspects of branding and marketing, from creative design to digital marketing tactics and social media engagement. We work closely with each business to ensure their identity is effectively communicated through consistent messaging across all platforms. Our aim is to help you create an effective branding and marketing strategy that will enable you to reach your target audience and achieve success in the marketplace.



Review your branding and marketing vision to ensure cohesion and consistency at all touch points of business, making sure there is a clear understanding by the end user (customer/client).

Our experienced branding consultants will review your brand and marketing vision, ensuring there is cohesion and consistency across all customer touch points. We study the unique needs of your business in order to create a comprehensive strategy that reflects your values, mission statement and goals.



Deep dive the understanding and scope of your target audiences to define the correct channels, campaigns and approaches – achieving the desired engagement with those audiences.

We take into account demographic factors such as age, gender, location and interests when determining the best channels and campaigns to reach those audiences. Our branding consultants also work to assess the customer journey in order to create effective approaches that allow businesses to engage customers at every stage of the conversion funnel.


Looking to realign, refresh or redevelop your brand or business marketing strategy? Send us an email at or, give us a call direct on 01926 754038 for an informal chat.